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GRIN helps you expand your affiliate relationships, your sales, and your brand—without expanding your workload.

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Reliable affiliate link generation and affiliate link tracking

With GRIN, it’s easy to stay on top of your affiliate revenue generation. We give you the tools to generate unique links for your community of affiliates, complete with campaign briefs that can include requested copy, product placement, and more. With our affiliate management software, you can also track revenue produced by each affiliate and attribute ROI to individual performers and overall influencer marketing campaigns.

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Smart discount code management

GRIN eliminates any worry around shared or leaked discount codes that can wreak havoc on your tracking and margins. We make it easy to disable a discount code that’s been compromised, and even reconcile any commission owed from fraudulent use of your code. GRIN tracks conversion per code and takes care of any mishaps along the way.

Custom branded affiliate pages

When nurturing affiliate relationships, you want all materials and messaging to come from you. That’s why GRIN eliminates the middleman and allows you to build custom, branded landing pages to house your full creator campaign proposals. It’s your offer and no one else’s.

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Integrated campaign workrooms

GRIN saves you time and stress by seamlessly connecting with your ecommerce shop. Integrations with the top ecommerce software let you view your real-time inventory, give your affiliates their choice in product, ship product directly from GRIN, and track that product all the way to the content it’s placed in. It’s pure affiliate marketing magic.

Seamless Affiliate Payments

GRIN functions like a true CRM for your affiliates, allowing you to manage every creator relationship from early recruit to brand BFF. This influencer marketing software includes managing creator payments, right within the platform—because a paid affiliate is a happy affiliate.

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Scale your influencer program and be ready for growth!

GRIN has allowed me to automate processes, saving me time, money and allowing me to scale my influencer programs. Before GRIN I was capped at managing a total of 200 influencers. Utilizing GRIN software has allowed me to push beyond that threshold and more.

- Lydia Lee, Affiliates & Ambassadors at nutpods

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.