Consumer Ecommerce Shopping Habits & Preferences: 2022 Report

Retail ecommerce revenue exploded in 2021 as U.S. consumers spent more than $767 billion shopping online. In this report, more than 1,000 consumers aged 16 and older share details about their online shopping habits, favorite platforms, sentiments on recent product trends, and what leads them to buy.

Consumer Ecommerce Shopping Habits & Preferences: 2022 Report 3

Consumer preferences are ever-changing.

Traditional platforms reign supreme for now. But a notable shift in the ecommerce and social landscape has occurred as content preferences evolve and newer platforms gain popularity.

Reach ecommerce shoppers and drive purchase decisions.

This 2022 report provides an in-depth look at:

  • Where consumers live and buy
  • The ecommerce experience
  • Impulse shopping habits
  • Holiday shopping habits
  • Consumer sentiment on popular services
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Get the right pieces in the right places.

Shopping budgets and impulse purchases were way up in 2021. This comprehensive report breaks down where consumers made their buying decisions and what led them to convert.

Consumer Ecommerce Shopping Habits & Preferences: 2022 Report 4

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