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The #1 influencer marketing platform for creator management, GRIN helps you cultivate authentic relationships with professional athletes and see your brand cash in.

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Manage every athlete marketing relationship

In the world of pro athlete partnerships, relationship is everything. GRIN is the relationship management system that helps you organize, manage, and nurture your brand’s pro athlete partnerships. From a fully integrated email inbox to seamless product seeding to organized content collection, GRIN supports every step of your pro athlete endorsement and marketing program.

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Customize and centralize all agreements

GRIN lets you design each creator partnership from the ground up, making your contracts flexible yet conveniently centralized. In just a few clicks you can create and customize a rock-solid agreement for each athlete, so everyone is clear on content rights.

Master tax compliance

Tax compliance is an essential, albeit annoying, part of partnering with athlete influencers. GRIN covers all the details for you, collecting the proper paperwork for each athlete and ensuring they’re correctly set up to get paid. If there’s anything wrong or missing with your athlete endorsements, we’ll flag it for you.

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Stay organized with custom tagging

Have a growing influencer marketing program? GRIN’s custom tags help you manage all your creator partnerships in one platform. Separate different partnerships, enable multiple users within multiple sectors, and set up seamless workflows. It’s the perfect solution for managing pro athlete partnerships alongside traditional influencers without users stepping on each other's toes.

Run thorough reporting and analytics

Partnering with pro athletes means there’s more than just conversions to be measured. With GRIN’s reporting dashboard you’re able to not only measure conversions and revenue, but also earned media value and brand growth—giving you key insights into the different successes of your influencer marketing program.

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Scale your influencer program and be ready for growth!

GRIN has allowed me to automate processes, saving me time, money and allowing me to scale my influencer programs. Before GRIN I was capped at managing a total of 200 influencers. Utilizing GRIN software has allowed me to push beyond that threshold and more.

- Lydia Lee, Affiliates & Ambassadors at nutpods

Make the most of your influencer marketing program with the all-in-one creator management platform designed to help you build more authentic, brand-boosting relationships.