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Real DTC brands talk about influencer marketing to scale their business - even during a crisis

Lume Cube tripled their influencer network with authentic creators

Audrey Van Vark and Trevor Farrow chat with GRIN to discuss their influencer marketing strategies at Lume Cube, portable lighting for the most innovative content creators makers, and how they’ve seen massive results with their influencer programs.

Main Discussions

Brands Working Remote Talking Influencer Event

lume cube influencer marketing program

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Lume Cube

In our live conversation we aim to explore:

  • How one brand creates influencer campaigns that produce resonating content
  • The influencer commission model that helped the company maximize their program ROI.
  • The power of mixing influencer types across the different marketing goals and funnel phases.

Who's Speaking

Audrey Van Vark

Influencer Marketing & Event Manager at Lume Cube

Trevor Farrow

Marketing Manager at Lume Cube

Katya Allison

Director of Marketing Content & Sales Enablement at GRIN

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Brands Working Remote Talking Influencer Events

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