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The GRIN Gets Real podcast is the perfect resource for anyone looking to maximize their marketing potential. From influencer marketing to ecommerce strategy and everything in between, each episode features industry experts who share insights and provide actionable tips to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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GRIN Gets Real feature image with Kaya Yurieff

Influencer rates, NFTs, and recession in the creator economy

Understanding how the economy affects creator partnerships & influencer rates Bank on ...
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Understanding DE&I Q&A title image

Diversity in marketing: why DE&I is a movement, not a moment

Diversity in marketing Diverse teams make for equitable and inclusive practices.  Bringing ...
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Brands Talking Influencers Q&A featured image w/ Emma Ecklin

How to scale your influencer marketing program via testing

Need to scale your influencer marketing program? Natural Dog Company answers your ...
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Podcast Customer Spotlight w Inkbox's Cindy Tran & Lara Cardoso

Learn how brand-aligned influencers create value across the entire marketing mix.

Don’t put your creators in a corner. Breakdown of the GRIN Gets ...
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Podcast title image with Will Haire

Diving into the insights, tactics, and measurement of an Amazon marketing strategy

Adding an Amazon marketing strategy to your set of marketing strategies With ...
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Mastering Live Shopping for Your Ecommerce Website with Frost Li featured image

Mastering live shopping for your ecommerce website

Discover how live shopping can increase conversions and AOV while reducing cart ...
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